April 28, 2012

Why I Love PUG

As a retro loving girl, PinUpGirlClothing.com is an obvious choice for vintage inspired reproductions. Their styles range from bombshell-vavavoom to the charming girl-next-door. Their sizes fit sweet petites and the most voluptuous of vixens. Their fabrics are top quality and their clothes actually fit the provided measurements. Their shipping is lightning fast and their return policy is fair and quick. They are great. But these are not the only reasons why I admire PUG so much. Here’s a list of what makes PinUpGirlClothing a stand-out company:

Laura Byrnes - Supreme Overlord:  Laura Byrnes is the founder and creator of PUG. She has cultivated not just a retro clothing line, but an amazing brand. She has launched models into retro stardom and has given every girl who wears a PUG design that feeling of ultimate glamour, acceptance and beauty. She embraces and celebrates differences and truly provides something beautiful for everyone. And she does this with ease, openness and down-to-earth approachability. She abolishes stereotypes, speaks her mind and allows friends and fans of PUG to feel they are not only wearing something glamorous, but are a part of something glamorous. I don’t even know if she realizes she is doing this. She’s just that real. And it’s brilliant. Oh, and I haven’t even mentioned her photography. Amazing.

The PUG Models: Micheline Pitt, La Cholita, Masuimi Max, Doris MayDay... ring a bell? These gorgeous girls are the faces and backbone of PinUpGirlClothing. They are beautiful, they are talented and they are giving the modern bombshell a whole new meaning. What they aren’t: Just bodies for the clothes. They are personalities with big ideas that come to life through PUG. They are PUG yet they have also become their own brand, cultivating their own images and identities which have fostered and grown through this unique clothing line. There is no “cookie-cutter” PUG model. Their beauty varies in body shape, size, ethnicity, hair color and overall look. They are all different and they are all beautiful. There is a PUG girl for every shopper out there to imagine looking like. And again, it all seems so natural for this company as if none of it is planned. And it probably isn't. Or maybe it is. Either way, it works and works well.

Friendliness of PUG: The voice of PinUpGirlClothing is consistent and friendly. They truly embrace their fans and speak to them through their Facebook pages as if a friend is telling you what neat thing they just discovered. They are not just about constant self-promotion. They share interesting news with their customers. They promote their models and partners. They support other businesses. They even sometimes share their frustrations as an old pal venting after a bad day. Again, it’s very real, very relatable and they make the customer feel as if they are a part of something bigger. And then they take it one step further like their upcoming Day at Disneyland or meet-and-greets at various festivals. And let’s not forget their rockin’ yard sales. All of these events gives the retro girl a chance to be the PUG model for a day... Dress the part, wear the fabulous outfits, really do up the hair and make-up. And for some that’s just what is needed - an outting to put all this vintage glamour to good use. Afterwards fans will eagerly share their dolled up pictures in their PUG ensembles and PinUpGirl loves it.

Bottom Line: PinUpGirlClothing is much more than just a clothing line. They are a branded family of gorgeous, inspirational gals who have cultivated a glamorous club that the everyday-girl can join. Oh, and their clothing rocks too.


April 20, 2012

Travel Retro

If you want to take your retro experience one step further, why not plan a vacation around the kitsch, the cool and the swank of yesteryear? Travel Retro is a unique vacation destination website featuring the best of vintage Americana that has been revamped for today's modern traveler while preserving nostalgia from the 1940s, 50s and 60s

Travel Retro hunts for lost gems such as revived motor courts, vintage cabins and motels that were once vacation spots all throughout the American roadways. You can book and plan your travels right through their website for the ultimate retro experience. Their site and service is very unique and has a tremendous amount of interesting potential. I look forward to seeing their listings grow and their services expand. Their growing website will soon offer lodging, dining, attractions and a social blog for the retro enthusiast. Can you say pin-up girl road trip?