October 1, 2012

Handbag Heaven

"Lucky Me" Kiss Lock
I may have mentioned my fondness for footwear, but I haven’t yet touched on the love affair I have with handbags. A gorgeous new bag can provide pure joy and has the power to take a simple outfit straight to over-the-top fabulous. My best bags are conversation starters, show stoppers and often envied by passer-bys . And that’s just the star treatment I receive when I tote around my Lux De Villes.

I recently purchased their Sin City Kiss Lock bag in Black (pictured below)- a first class ticket to handbag heaven. It has a very retro, yet contemporary feel to its quilted, black, patent-leather design. The silver dangle dice are the perfect Sin City accessory and the leopard interior adds a bit of drama each time you open the kissable clasps. What I love most about this bag is the seamless transition from day to night. I can throw it over my shoulder to run to the market or swing it from my arm for a night out on the town. The patent leather makes it super simple to clean and shiny black matches just about anything. Did I mention I’m in love? So much so I went back for seconds.

"Sin City" Kiss Lock
I spotted this spectacular leopard bag (above) at a trade show a few months ago and from that moment on I was infatuated. I'm very particular with my leopard prints and this bag hits it right on the mark. Since drooling is not a very classy thing to do, I had to remedy my problem asap and order the Lucky Me Kiss Lock bag pronto. This purse is a real head-turner with its luxurious fur-textured leopard pattern, 50s-style silver kiss-clasp and striking red rose accessory. While you can definitely use this bag daily, I save it for special occasions or to add a pop of “wow” to an ordinary outfit. And I’m not finished with Lux De Ville yet either... I have my eye on their sparkly Getaway Kiss Locks and their ultra glamorous Lucite line.  Love, love, love the Lux...

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