July 19, 2011

Who is Retro Girl?

Here's my little story of how the retro began... I was born and raised in good ol’ Las Vegas, Nevada. Even though I'm a California transplant, Sin City will always be my hometown. I’m one of the few younger(ish) gals who remembers Las Vegas before the volcanoes, pirates and roller coasters. 

My father, dressed in something similar to this photo, escorted my fourth grade class on a field trip to the Dunes Hotel. We toured the baccarat tables, ate ice cream and took home souvenir dice and casino chips. Who has a field trip like that? To me, that was normal. Heck, we had casino carpeting in our playroom. After school we’d often listen to 8-track songs of an old friend of my dad’s - Louis Prima. Or sometimes we’d sing along to Dean Martin or the other Rat Packers while doing art projects made with playing cards and piles of dice. I grew up watching old movies, vacationing in Palm Springs and hearing all about wild times my father had with my Uncle Geno and “the boys.” 

And see that beautiful girl smiling at you from my logo? That’s my mom.  My mom was - and still is - stunning.  I remember thinking my parents looked like movie stars when they would dress up just to go to dinner. I guess you could say I was born a Retro Girl.

So here I am in 2011...  a wife, a mother, president of my daughter’s preschool, a business owner and a long-time lover of vintage glamour. I published a kitschy magazine several years ago that you might remember called Modern Lounge. Although life has changed throughout the years, my love of classic, retro style hasn’t. My goal for the Retro Girl’s Guide is to be the source for all vintage and retro inspired reproductions for today’s contemporary gal (and guys!). It’s like Modern Lounge Part 2.  

And though I love authentic vintage items, this site will focus mainly on new designs that are available to the public. A vintage dress is lovely, but it’s even lovelier when you can find it in your size.  I will also showcase photographers, pin-up models, how-to tips, contests and much more! If you have any suggestions, I’d love to hear from you. Everything on this site is hand selected by me purely because I enjoy it or find it interesting and think you will too. 

Retro Girl


  1. You're not alone, I remember Vegas before it's gentrification, when it inexplicably became Disneyland (pre-cursor to what would happen to Times Square, I thin, I can only hope it doesn't happen to L.A.). I remember driving through Vegas on the way to California from Utah, we always detoured and went down the strip. So many of the old places are gone now. :/

    I agree with you about vintage - I don't wear much (accessories, mostly) because A. I'm a big gal and it's hard to find anything in my size and, B. My life is too rough and tumble and vintage clothing would certainly pay the price, which would end up in ruining perfectly good vintage pieces that someone else would have gotten some use out of. I wear repro of my own making, as historically accurate as I possibly can be but still - I'm no seamstress!

    P.S. Your mom is gorgeous, I thought the woman on your logo was a movie star I just didn't recognize until you pointed out who it was!

  2. Thank you, Miz R! I'd love to see your designs and maybe we can even post a few here. The site will be updated regularly with finds that have that vintage look. I'm always on the hunt. Keep the glamour going! XOXO, RGG ♥

  3. I love your site! So much thought and creativity has gone into it! I will be back over and over!

  4. Thank you so much!! I truly love it :) XOXO