March 13, 2012

Glam in the Shower with Dry Divas
In the fifties women would sleep in curlers or spend a day at the beauty salon each week to get their signature hair-dos. To keep their look fresh and their curls in tact for the week ahead, shower caps were an essential part of the beauty regimen.

Flash forward... it’s 2012 and while most women don’t sleep in curlers anymore (although some retro girls still use them!) sometimes you want to keep your hair pristine for an extra day and that means skipping a wash. I squealed like a little girl when I saw these gorgeous shower caps by Dry Divas. Colorful patterns and a beautiful jeweled adornment makes showering a glamorous affair. And while they are meant for the bath, this just might be the perfect solution for maintaining dry hair while lounging in the pool or the relaxing for the day at the spa.

This is also ideal for my young daughter. She is blessed a mound of gorgeous hair that naturally looks like we put hot rollers in it and some days we skip the hassle of a wash. Dry Divas offer their caps in three sizes - Bouffant for women with long, thick hair; Ladies for us gals with cute, shorter dos; and Kids for, as they put it, darling little divas.  And for all you pin-up girls out there... how cute would these caps look in a photo shoot? I’m in love... they are different, adorable and oh-so retro.