July 20, 2011

Hand-Carved Tiki Shoes

Everyone who knows me, knows how much I love my shoes. My husband has even hinted toward an intervention, but he has learned my shoes are part of the package. You love me, you love my shoes. And speaking of love, I absolutely love discovering something unique. I have been known to construct entire outfits around a spectacular stiletto or a whimsical wedge. But nothing is as unique, spectacular or outfit-worthy as my latest discovery - Lucky Lou’s Hand-Carved Tiki Shoes.  I recently found them online and I’m in awe.

Not only are they gorgeous, but the story behind the line is so inspiring. Lucky Lou’s was created by an artistic, shoe-loving entrepreneur who fell in love with a vintage pair of hand-carved sandals. Intrigued by their originality, design and beauty, Linda Lou was on a mission to find the creators of these amazing masterpieces. She scoured the globe and finally found the descendants of the family who originally carved the World War II souvenir pieces. She convinced them to return to their nearly-lost trade and start creating beautiful works of art again. How incredible is that?? Again, I am in awe.

She’s currently trying to raise funding through Kickstarter to further her fanciful designs. You can check out her project video here. Lucky Lou’s shoes can be found at various rockabilly and pin-up boutiques and can also be ordered through her site (though many are sold out!).  Here’s hoping Lucky gets lucky.

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