July 22, 2011

Bubble Betties

Have you seen the new dresses out by Bettie Page Clothing? They immediately made me think of a picture I had of the Original Retro Girl aka - my mom.  I dug out some old photographs and sure enough, there stood my mother as a beautiful bridesmaid in none other than a bubble dress.  It’s one of my favorite pictures of her. She is flawless from her veil-covered head to her pointy-stilettoed toes. But back to the bubbles...

The fabrics used in this new version of the bubble dress looks rich and impressive and the geometric pattern gives it a slightly updated edge. It’s sexy in a very unique way with a classic, wide, 50s V-neckline and a tight fitted bodice that accentuates the hourglass figure especially when paired with the pleated bubble skirt. If there is ever a time to pull out a corset, it would be for this dress. What I like about both my mother’s and the Bettie Page dress is that they do not gather up at the bottom like most bubble dresses you see today. The BP dress tapers down instead of widening out for a more dramatic effect, but it is just as charming as the first time around.

If you have one of the Bettie Page Bubble Up dresses, I’d love to see it on you! Strike a pose and I’ll post your pictures here.  The dresses are offered in sizes ranging from XS to 4XLG and can be found in their retail stores and online at www.BettiePageClothing.com.

The top photo is the Original Retro Girl (Mom) and the bottom is the BP dress modeled by Doris MayDay.


  1. Visiting your blog from the Betty Page Facebook page. Your mom looks absolutely stunning! I love how put together those ladies looked in the 50s (I assume the pic of your mom is from the 50s). Cheers from Anchorage Alaska!

  2. Thank you, Ina! Yes, that's my mom from the 50s as is my logo. You can see why I love retro style so much! XOXO