August 8, 2011

The Pretty Peasant

Pattern on Etsy
There is something so charming about a peasant blouse. Showing off a bit of shoulder with an innocent puff of ruffle is a winning combination for sweet-meets-sultry. The peasant blouse has been a fashion statement for centuries, but the 1950s took it to new heights by pairing this princess-y top with wiggly pencil skirts or full circle dresses. 

I was thrilled to discover Mode Merr’s online boutique and their lovely assortment of peasant tops, matching skirts and vamp dresses. Their figure-flattering ensembles accentuate the waistline and celebrate the feminine form - with  sizes ranging from XXS to XXXL. Most pieces seem to mix and match creating a wide variety of different looks. I love their off-the-shoulder leopard with slimming black bodice, or their adorable red-gingham blouse that’s perfect for an afternoon picnic. However this lacy, green “fancy vamp” peasant dress (pictured here) has my name all over it! So whether you wish to channel your inner gypsy or pretend you're a modern princess, Mode Merr makes the prettiest peasants!
Mode Merr's Lace Fancy Vamp Dress

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