April 20, 2012

Travel Retro

If you want to take your retro experience one step further, why not plan a vacation around the kitsch, the cool and the swank of yesteryear? Travel Retro is a unique vacation destination website featuring the best of vintage Americana that has been revamped for today's modern traveler while preserving nostalgia from the 1940s, 50s and 60s

Travel Retro hunts for lost gems such as revived motor courts, vintage cabins and motels that were once vacation spots all throughout the American roadways. You can book and plan your travels right through their website for the ultimate retro experience. Their site and service is very unique and has a tremendous amount of interesting potential. I look forward to seeing their listings grow and their services expand. Their growing website will soon offer lodging, dining, attractions and a social blog for the retro enthusiast. Can you say pin-up girl road trip?

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