June 25, 2012

Retro Kitchens with Big Chill

If you have always wanted your kitchen to take a step back in time, but desire the modern conveniences of today’s appliances then check out the beautifully retro Big Chill.  Powder pink, retro red, baby blue... it’s a 50s dream kitchen come true for today’s vintage lover.

Big Chill is based out of Boulder, Colorado and their 50s inspired kitchen appliances are created by an uncle and nephew team who brought their dream of retro living to life with these very modern and unique reproductions.  They began their business designing retro refrigerators and now have grown to offer their fridges in several sizes and styles along with coordinating stoves and matching dishwashers. But unlike the vintage versions, these current interpretations offer the modern conveniences that we rely on today in a fridge - such as self defrost and an ice maker. All of their appliances are trimmed with chrome and are offered in a wide variety of popular colors associated with 50s nostalgia.

Big Chill was recently featured on The Rachael Ray Show and has also been seen on numerous design programs, magazines and blogs. These appliance are gorgeous, glamorous and perfect for today’s modern Retro Girl.

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