August 8, 2012

PinUp Girl Boutique

If you’ve read Retro Girl’s Guide, then you know how much I love (PUG). You know that I respect this business run by strong, beautiful women and you know more than anything else that I love their clothing styles and quality. Needless to say, I was giddy like a child waiting for Santa in anticipation for the opening of the Pinup Girl Boutique that just launched in Burbank, California.  Sadly, I missed the grand opening event, but the pictures and stories look just as fabulous as you can imagine.  I couldn’t however, let the first week go by without stopping in... And when my friend asked for my help today in shopping for a new dress, I knew right where we were heading.  

The shop is located on the charming Magnolia Boulevard and is a perfect addition to the vintage shops, eclectic boutiques and retro flavor that paves this trendy Burbank area.  The windows of the store are lined with mannequins staged in vintage-style settings all wearing PUG ensembles. It was the website brought to life.  A decadent, crystal chandelier dangles above the cash register which is surrounded by walls of gorgeous retro creations. The dresses, skirts, tops and accessories that I have bookmarked dozens of times are displayed beautifully to touch, feel and best of all try on. Online is nice, but nothing compares to experiencing it in person. It was heaven.

We were greeted by the lovely Margarita who was friendly, helpful and beautiful. She guided us through the store and told us about upcoming outfits that were soon to be arriving. She was warm and welcoming and made it feel as if we were shopping with another girlfriend. And then my style crush walked in - Doris MayDay. Whenever I fall in love with an outfit or a special look online, it inevitably is modeled by Doris. She has a special authenticity of a bygone era that is rarely captured by modern-day pinups. Most girls try to mimic “the look” and several come close, but Doris MayDay IS the look. And on top of all that retro gorgeousness, she is the biggest sweetheart. It was just as much fun chatting with her as it was seeing all of the beautiful PUG-wear in person. It truly was the website brought to life.

My girlfriend walked away with two knock-out dresses - including this adorable black-and-pink "pink elephant" dress modeled by Doris - (I’m such a bad influence - or good one depending on how you look at it) and I’m bringing her back for a Michiline Pitt makeover. I can’t wait to see the make-up diva in action and the transformation of my friend into a vintage vixen. I’ll be sure to document the event and share it here. The PUG gals also plan to have other events and parties at this fabulous boutique so be sure to “like” them on Facebook and visit their new PUG community, Pinup Girl Style.  All this glamour... on a Wednesday!  *Swoon!*