September 20, 2011

A Very Retro Halloween

Halloween is fast approaching and it's the perfect time to play up the retro by recreating a favorite character from an iconic era. Here is a list of fun and flirty retro costume ideas to bring forth your vintage vixen. If you have more ideas to add to the list, leave your comments below.

  • Marilyn Monroe:  Of course I have to start with Marilyn! Instead of going for the common 7 Year Itch dress, why not grab your BFF and go as the gal pals from Gentlemen Prefer Blondes? Couple’s Tip: Have your guy dress as JFK or Joe DiMaggio.
  • Ginger Grant: The sultry movie star from Giligan’s Island is the ultimate TV bombshell. A red wig, a slinky dress and a life preserver and you're all set. Couple’s Tip: Have your first mate dress as Gilligan or the Professor.
  • MaryAnn: You know the ol’ question... Are you a Ginger or a MaryAnn? If your sweet n’ sexy, this other castaway is the costume for you! Here’s an adorable, checkered romper by Bernie Dexter to channel your inner “good girl.” Couple’s Tip: See Ginger.
  • Bewitched: A retro miniskirt and a long, blonde flipped ‘do is just the trick to magically transform you into the sexiest witch of the 60s - Samantha Stevens.  Couple’s Tip: Have your guy dress as hubby Darren (you choose the version)  Family Tip: If you have little sweetie like I do, she’d make the perfect Tabitha.
  • Lucy Ricardo: We all love Lucy. And while funny lady Lucille Ball, kept us laughing, we often forget what a gorgeous bombshell she truly was. Here’s the perfect polka dotted dress from Daddy O’s designed by Stop Starring. Couple’s Tip: Ricky! Don't forget the bongos.
  • Morticia Addams: The ultimate goth queen is truly a fabulous bombshell in her long, velvet wiggle dress. Couple’s Tip: Let your guy romance the night away as the loving Gomez Addams. Family Tip: Pugsley and Wednesday!
  • Pan Am Stewardess: The new television show on ABC is launching next week and so are the cute costumes like this sexy flight attendant to go along with it! Don't forget the best part... Handbags! Couple’s Tip: Have your guy dress as a pilot. Gal Pal Tip: Gather up the BFFs and go as a group. Fasten your seat belts!
  • 60’s Star Trek Babe: Go-go boots and a sexy, long sleeved mini dress will beam you up as an intergalactic goddess. Couple’s Tip: Give your guy some pointy ears and transform him into Mr. Spock or ladies man, Captain Kirk.
  • Vintage Sailor Girl: Last year I went as a vintage sailor girl with a dress purchased from PinUpGirlClothing. It was my favorite costume so far - especially because my handsome hubby and adorable daughter dressed up too!
  • Jessica Rabbit: No other cartoon bombshell can compare to this racy Rabbit! Here's a gorgeous, red mermaid gown found at Unique-Vintage designed by Stop Starring that puts the voom in va-va-voom! (Thank you to FB fan, Ashley, for this suggestion!) Couple’s Tip: Have your date dress as a 1940s detective.
  • Cigarette Girls: Vintage cigarette girls dolled up any formal event, and now you can be a doll for a night too! Check out to see how real life Cigarette Girls work their magic. Bella creates all of her costumes and she is the perfect source for glamour inspiration (to learn more about Bella and her fabulous dolls, click here). Couple’s Tip: Have your date dress as an vintage usher or bell hop.
  • Tiki/Hawaiian Girl: If you love a good luau, why not be a Hawaiian inspired goddess for Halloween? Hula, tiki, flowered sundress... Don’t forge your lei! Couple’s Tip: Dress your date white shorts and a Hawaiian shirt for a Blue Hawaii Elvis. Don’t forget the ukulele.
  • Liz Taylor’s Cleopatra: I recently had the pleasure of experiencing Elizabeth Taylor’s version of Cleopatra on the big screen and seeing her glorious costumes come to life in vibrant technicolor. The drama and beauty of her ensembles are fit for a queen! Check out this wonderful blog Digs, Frocks & Books for images and inspiration. Couple’s Tip: dress your Richard Burton as Cleo’s love, Mark Antony. 
  • Bettie Page: We all love Bettie. How about recreating one of her iconic looks and pulling out the 6” stilettos this Halloween? Couple’s Tip: The queen of pinup needs a photographer. Arm your guy with a vintage camera!
  • Playboy Bunny: Take inspiration from the new television show, The Playboy Club, and wiggle your tail as a glamorous 60s bunny. Couple’s Tip: Get a smoking jacket and some silk jammies for your Hugh Heffner.


  1. Omg I love this! Such fabulous ideas!!!!! xox

  2. AWESOME article with so many GREAT ideas RGG!!! LOVE this!! thank you- can't wait to hear you again on the radio! will be tuning in :)