September 22, 2011

Every Day Retro Glamour Tips

Yesterday I had the pleasure of returning as a guest on the Vintage Life Radio program hosted on Women’s View Radio Network. We chatted about retro Fall Fashion, some of the new television shows coming out that help influence this growing subculture and my favorite topic - retro glamour. The hosts, Louise and Deb, are hoot to chat with and I thought it would be fun to create a post today about some of the tips and tricks we discussed on the program. You can listen to the full interview here:

Retro glamour doesn’t have to be saved for the weekend or a big night out. If you love and live retro style every day like I do, or would like to incorporate some easy tips into your regular routine, here are some quick glamour tricks to bring the classic beauty out of you every day.
  • Think Technicolor!: A pop of color is an easy way to brighten up your outfit and pull a look together. Bright turquoise, ruby reds, sunny yellows, emerald greens... Whether it’s a sweater, skirt or accessory, a pop of color adds a lot of 50s flavor. Carry the color all the way through your outfit. Don’t be afraid of vibrant color combinations: Right now I’m loving shades of yellow, deep reds or fuchsia pinks paired with aqua blue. It’s dramatic, it’s different and it’s brings your outfit to life!
  • Eyes & Lips: I never leave the house with grooming my eyebrows and putting on lipstick or gloss. It makes me more "put together." I tend to favor red hues because it's lively and bright (and red is classic retro), but during the day I try to tone it down a bit or soften my reds with other shades and/or gloss depending on what I’m wearing. A nice, arched brow and colored lip is the frame and foundation for your face. I use an old school Maybelline eye-brow pencil for my everyday, out-the-door look. Nothing fancy to it. There are also plenty of “stay all day” colored lipsticks on the market now that truly have lasting power. They will help you keep your color on your lips and not on your coffee cup. Don't forget to keep your smile white and bright too!
  • Accessories: A colorful headband, a flower hair clip, earrings, vintage-style eye glass frames, a colorful scarf... all of these little things can add just the right pop of retro, class and glamour to any outfit. 
  • Shoes & Handbags: It doesn’t matter what you wear - from denim jeans to a cute sundress - the perfect vintage-inspired bag can take whatever you are wearing and turn it up a few fabulous notches. I love a pop of red in a cute sandal to liven up jeans and a t-shirt, and a leopard handbag can add excitement to any plain, black dress. 
  • OWN IT! The best advice of all is to own your look and your style. Wear it with confidence. Find the styles that work for you and wear it proudly! You don’t have to go to extremes to have that classic, glamour look of a time long ago everyday!

Here’s a special treat... Some Fall Fashion advice from the retro beauty Jessica Lynn Gahring of the hit reality show, NY Ink (she loves teal too!):
"So we are on set here at NY INK and are on Day 2 of filming for our 2nd Season! NYC weather is getting cooler and the colors in the Subways are definitely changing... in terms of fashion, well of course! :) My favorite transitional color from Summer into Fall is teal... it is not only a vintage fashion MUST HAVE but it is coming back in FULL SWING! Teal looked bright and vibrant in the summer and is easily paired with all of your Fall browns & grays! There is no doubt you'll find me wearing plenty of teal in the airing of our 2nd season.
I also have a tendency to embrace the faux furs which is even easier in the Fall when the weather gets cooler. It is likely that you'll scope me wearing a vintage sweater paired with some fun fur boots, either wearing a tight pencil skirt or high waisted capri on the bottom! Pack your heels up for the indoor weather and change into those sexy fur boots that will make heads turn! ;) Plan ahead for the colder weather but DO NOT let your fashion & sexiness slip away just because it gets a little "nippy" outside... if you will! xx"

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