October 12, 2011

The British Retro Invasion

Dolly Dagger
England is a beautiful place known for its rich history, poetic authors and royal family. But did you know there is a retro scene happening in full swing there? The UK is home to incredible vintage inspired clothing designers, gorgeous retro websites and fantastic events that make me want to grab my passport. I thought I’d take some time and share a sample of the fabulous from overseas:

Vivien of Holloway: Check out this UK designer's flare for the 50s with her signature halter dresses, bombshell bridal wear, and swing dresses with a cinched waist.
Dolly Dagger: This online boutique carries some of the US favorites such as Bettie Page Clothing, but they also have a wide variety of adorable swing dresses unique to any other sites. Accessories, shoes and plenty more retro goodness can be found here.
Tara Starlet
Tara Starlet: I’m in love with this mother/daughter design team who truly knows how to bring the glamour and sophistication of the 40s and 50s to life with their unique, starlet creations.
    Glamour Bunny: A little wiggle goes a long way and that’s just what you’ll find when you visit this designer’s website! Their selection is still small, but the girls are gorgeous - just like the wiggle dresses they model.
    Vintage Life Magazine: A vintage Vogue style magazine for lovers of style, fashion, hair and makeup from the 1920s up through the 70s all in one beautiful layout.

    Milkcow Magazine: Rockabilly, pin-up, music, cars, burlesque... Milkcow is a glossy mag that covers the grassroots lifestyle of the retro scene in the UK. Their website is rich and detailed with a directory of events, hip happenings, tattoo artists, bands, music and much, much more. If you are heading to the UK and retro fun is on the itinerary, this is definitely the magazine and website to visit.
      The Vintage Mafia: With the tagline,  “Always well dressed, but not always well-behaved,” the Vintage Mafia is a group of six lovely ladies out to liven up London’s vintage nightlife. Beginning on November 5th, they’ll have their own night club evening at The Ric Rac Club with over two floors of dancing to music from the 30s through 60s!
        Are you ready to board the plane yet? If only we could take Pan Am...


        1. I will be on board with you in a heartbeat if I could. Its already on my Bucket List and to-do list LOL They have so many vintage themed events there-I wish we had that here in the states but that gives us all an excuse to travel-love London too-my fave city aside from mine lol Love your post!! xox

        2. I'm so glad you mentioned it - it seems like the majority of the really dedicated guys and gals are over in the UK. So jealous of them. :/