December 5, 2011

Why I Love Pan Am

Believe it or not, I don’t love everything just because it’s retro or vintage inspired. I look for quality, authenticity, glamour and anything that makes me swoon with delight. Some try nicely but fail to take flight, however ABC’s new television series, Pan Am, soars in my book. Here are some of the reasons I love Pan Am - and it’s much more than its gorgeous, vintage flavor.

1. Gal-Pal Friendships: Pan Am focuses on four main stewardesses from various backgrounds - and they are all fabulous in different ways. But the best part are their friendships. They are comrades. They help each other out. They like each other.  It’s so refreshing to see a group of women who care about one another rather than being jealous, catty, back-stabbing competitors. These are gals you want to spend time with and go shopping with and confide in. These are girls that will have your back.

2. The 3-Ss = Strong, Sexy, Smart:  The Pan Am girls are not just airline waitresses. They are educated, strong, confident women who have charm and class - and some sass when they need it. They know how to use their sex appeal to their advantage. They embrace their femininity and work with it instead of flaunting it, belittling it, hiding it or turning it into a negative. They are the whole package and they take pride in themselves and their work. The show is set in 1963 - a time when the world was rapidly changing but the term “sexual harassment” didn’t yet exist as we know it. These characters are authentic to the period, yet easy to admire.

3. It’s Just Cool: Who wouldn’t want to jet-set all over the world meeting handsome diplomats and famous celebrities? Or sip cocktails after shopping all day in exotic locations? And who wouldn’t want to do all of these fabulous things set in the backdrop and style of the early 60s? It’s just plain cool the way cool was meant to be.

4. The Clothes: I’ve saved the best for last... My husband says I have a “girl-gasm” every time the Pan Am gals step off of the plane in their street attire. I ooh and ahh and covet their handbags, shoes and of course their amazing outfits. I’ve determined that 1963 is my era of choice - from the hair styles to the dresses to the quintessential red lips. I love the progression from the 50s. There was class and style, yet it was slightly less conservative than the decade prior. When I talk about swooning, this is when it happens for me. I’m also glad this show is on Sunday nights. Pan Am’s fabulous clothing inspires me for the week ahead and gets me excited about glamour even on a dismal Monday morning. I would love to be an extra on this show just to wear the gorgeous costumes.

Summary: If you are looking for a well written, interesting show with intriguing characters and gal-pal friendships authentically set to a retro time period, Pan Am is the show to watch. Bon voyage!

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